29 August 2010

Pre-Order Batch 1 Closed!!!!

Dear Shoppers,

Pre-Order Batch closed already ..^^
Shoppers who buy from us can check your clothing list here.

23 August 2010

Pre-Order Started !!!!!!

All RM 28 ONLY !!!! * Excluding Postage*

All RM 30 ONLY !!!! * Excluding Postage*

Grab it before it closed!.* 23/8-27/8*

Review by ShoppingRoll & Craves 4 Fashion.
Thank you Guys ^^

19 August 2010

Notice to Every Shoppers !!!

20% Discount will be closed on
22th Aug 2010 ( Sunday )
Faster grab it before it over.

Review by THE KLEIO

Thanks The Kleio ^^ Love you 
Check it out The Kleio

18 August 2010

Thanks BF-Beauty Fashion

Thanks BF - Beauty Fashion for the review ^^ 
We love it.

13 August 2010

Thanks you My Sale Hunter

Thanks My Sale Hunter for helping us to promote our blogshop.

12 August 2010

A clothing appear in A Shopaholic's Den

Review by A Shopaholic's Den
Check this out in http://www.ashopaholicsden.com/2010/08/12/your-decision-to-a-new-outfit/

10 August 2010

Opening New Boutique

Sleeveless Diamond T-shirt RM20

Dollypink Bare Back Shirt RM25

Patternish Cotton Shirt RM25

Flower Lace Sleeveless RM30

Sweet Flower Girl RM30

Reviewed by : ~~A Shopaholic's Den~~
Thank you very much

Silky Girl Dress RM30

Beady Sexy Dress RM40

Icy Bare Back Dress RM35

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